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A Simple, Local, & Affordable Rental Solution!

Affordable Auto Sales LLC – Rentals As Low As $29.99 A Day**!

Why pay more than you should for a rental car in JUNEAU ALASKA, Affordable Auto Sales LLC short and long term rentals can save you  TIME and MONEY. We have been known to save people MORE THAN 50% off the standard rental company cost.  We have a wide selection of vehicles; Compacts, SUV’s, Trucks, Mini-Vans and everything in between all available for rent. We do ask that all rentals have a 3-day minimum.  Whether you are taking an extended vacation, or your job is moving you for a few weeks or months, Affordable Auto Sales LLC has weekly car rentals, monthly car rentals, and extended car rentals.  Keep the car rental for if you choose.  There is no return or contract renewal for monthly rentals or longer.  All your monthly agreements are filled out when you pick up your car.  Charges can automatically billed each month.  Whether you are looking for long term monthly rentals or a shorter weekly rental, Affordable Auto Sales LLC has you covered!

We are located less than 10 minutes from most city and state docks, ferry terminals, hotels, B&B’s and any other point of interest in Juneau.  Our normal rental business hours are between 10 to 5:30 Monday thru Saturday and depending on your flexibility there are ways we can get the automobile to and from you after hours.  If you would like to make a reservation, please let us know when you want to start the rental and when you want to return it and if you need transportation.

To make your rental even more affordable we offer several different programs and discounts that you should know about:

All vehicles rented for 28 days (long-term rental) or more have 24-hour road side assistance, free car washes, deep discounts (40% to 60%) off our daily and weekly rates and guaranteed after hours pick-up and drop off.

Long term rentals, rentals for non-profits and government rentals might qualify for sales tax exemption.

Rent then buy: If you rented a car from us and then in the next 45 days decided you needed to buy a car and that purchase is from our lot you will be able to apply a portion of your rental fee as your down payment

Shop Special: We are here for you, if your car is at a local repair shop and you are in need of Transportation we offer a special low shop rate.  If it turns out you are better off saying goodbye to your old car and buying a “new to you” car we will apply a portion of the rental cost as a down payment to any of our cars on the lot.

We reserve the right to change our Rental Policy. A revised Rental Policy will only apply to data collected on or after it’s effective date.

**In the off season with a monthly rate per day

Rental Details

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    WEEKLY PER DAY Daily 3 Day Minimum

        Compact — $$$ Please Call
        Midsize — $$$ Please Call
        Full Size — $$$ Please Call
        Suv ——– $$$ Please Call
        Van  ——- $$$ Please Call
        12 Van*—- $$$ Please Call
    *Subject to availability

    Prices are free of costly Airport Tax. There is only a 5% city sales tax as well as a 10% State of Alaska rental tax. We are willing to pick up and drop off at the Ferry Terminal, local Hotels, or just about anywhere during normal Hours of Operation 9am-5pm.